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  • ​"Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one." - Stella Adler​

  • ​"The discipline of creation, be it to paint, compose, write, is an effort towards wholeness." ​

  • Painting is poetry That is seen rather than felt, And Poetry is Painting that is Felt rather than seen - Leonardo Da vinci​

  • If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.​ - Vincent Van Gogh

  • Art Enables us to Find​ Ourselves and Lose Ourselves at the same time - Thomas Merton

  • "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." — Author Anais Nin.


Wooden easels made in special light weight well finished pine wood, seasoned for longer life. Can be made in different shapes and sizes to find its position from studios to outdoors. We can undertake orders for tailor made easels against bulk requirements

We are having Two Ranges of Easels

Range 1

Ideal for small paintings /broachers /instruction boards.
Height : 1 feet (12inches)

Simple design ideal on table top or while working sitting on floor.
Height : 3 feet

Ideal for outdoors, for displaying paintings, Whiteboards, Display boards in exhibitions, Office Events, presentations, Hotel lobbies etc.
Height : 6 feet

Compact and portable for outdoors, can also be used for bigger size canvas in studios.
Height : 5 feet

Compact and portable for outdoors, can also be used for bigger size canvas in studios.
Height : 6 feet

Strong robust teak wood easel for studios. Best for large size paintings
Height : 6 feet

Artist Easels Wooden (Range 2)

We offer a quality range of Wooden Easels which is manufactured with superior quality wood. In our range, we offer Multiple / Studio Easel, Adjustable Easel (3 Legged), Folding Easel, Regular Easel and Adjustable Easel (4 Legged). These are comprehensively used by painters, designers and school children owing to features like dimensional accuracy, smooth edges and various heights. We also have the facility to offer these in customized specifications.

The detailed description of our offered range is mentioned below:

  • Multiple / Studio Easel
  • Adjustable Easel (4 Legged)
  • Adjustable Easel (3 Legged)
  • Folding Easel
  • Regular Easel
  • Portable Box Type Easel (Travel Easel)

Purchase from us, Multiple / Studio Easel which come in multiple adjustable settings and angles for the utmost convenience of the artists. Made of superb quality of wood, these have excellent finish and are termite resistant. Plus, we offer these in various customized specifications in order to reach maximum client satisfaction.

the adjustable easel (4 legged) adjustable easel (4 legged) we have in bulk, is one of our flawless range of painting equipment which are widely appreciated by our esteemed customers. These give great stability and their features are full-length chart bar, skid-resistant rubber-tipped legs and chalk rail. We ensure the best quality of wood and timely delivery of these.

We are lucky to offer a wide range of Adjustable Easel (3 Legged) which fulfill the needs of all artists. For the utmost convenience of our customers, these can be well adjusted and the painter can do his art work very freely. These can be balanced as per the requirement and are in store with us in attractive sizes as well.

Folding Easels are available with us in various designs and sizes for our precious customers. The flawless range of folding easels we provide, are manufactured by our talented craftsmen. Further, as per the customers requirement, we offer these folding easels in the stipulated time frame without any compromise over the quality.

For the large work of the artists, we have in store best quality Regular Easels. A person can enjoy his painting while standing as well in a sitting position. These have various adjustable angles and settings which can be made as per the convenience. There is an adjustable extension on the main frame which adds further solidity for bigger canvases. Thus, our customers can get these in customizations, which have kept just for their comfort.

Metal Easels are available in most of the above types.

Canvas Strectching Bar

  • 1.8 * 3.8 cm
  • 3.8 * 3.5 cm

Our common sizes are 60cm,80cm,90cm,100cm,120cm...other sizes are avaliable too.

The right stretcher bar profile and adequate bracing are important to ensure ease of use and the stability of the frame during canvas stretching, priming or other preparation of the painting surface, and the long-term protection of the painting. we have eight different profiles (width and thickness of stretcher bars) to cover most needs. We can make any other options, as required, for special orders.

The choice of profile and configuration of any bracing depends on the size of the frame and what is being stretched (whether a finished painting, pre-primed canvas, or raw canvas to be gessoed).

Bracing is used to support the longer bars to keep them from bending in towards the center under tension from the stretched canvas. It is also required to keep the bars from rotating inwards toward the canvas which would cause the frame to buckle and not sit flat against the wall. Proper bracing allows the frame to use the lightest possible bars and still be strong and stable under tension.

Many professional artists and conservators also like to include at least one brace on any frame with bar lengths over about 24" inches just to protect the back of the painting from being hit accidentally during transportation or while in storage.